Ploughing Championship is nearly here

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With only a week and a half to go to the ploughing championship 2016 in Screggan, we though we would aggregate some of the information about transport, closures and parking here. If you would like to add to this, please email or tweet @kilcormac_com

As you can see on the links below, Cork and some other Munster traffic will be funnelled through Kilcormac, this is called the Blue route and anyone on this route will park in the blue carparks which are located around the first entrance to Mucklagh off the Mucklagh bypass. There is more details on the car park pdf.


The N52 Mucklagh bypass will be closed from 10am on Monday until 1pm on Friday to accommodate machinery in and out of the show and for safety reasons on the days of the show due to pedestrian traffic.

On the days of the show, before 7am and after 8:30pm you will be able to pass the area via Mucklagh village but it is advised to find an alternative route if possible.

To accommodate traffic, from 07:00 to approximately 12:30 there will be dual lanes from traffic from Blueball towards the ploughing only and this will reversed in the afternoon with two lanes flowing outwards from approximately 15:00 to 20:00.


Traffic diversions are in place around Kilcormac starting at Kennedys cross outside Birr for non show traffic. For local people looking to access Tullamore during these hours there are many routes but none officially posted. For example you can avoid some of the show traffic by heading towards Mountbolus and onto Killeigh or head towards Rahan via Boora. No matter what route you take you can expect to meet traffic and delays during the 3 days of the show so be carful and watch out of people who are unfamiliar with the roads. Check Google Maps or AARoadwatch route planner before you leave as both should have information on congestion and issues.

If you need any information please contact us via the methods above and I’ll see what I can find out.

If you live close to the site and have queries directly relating to ploughing or specific local access issues, I suggest contacting the NPA, their website is linked below.


  • Scoil Mhuire agus Cormaic will close for the 3 days.
  • Coláiste Naomh Cormac will close of the 3 days.
  • Kilcormac Community Childcare and Afterschool service is closed for the 3 days.
  • N52 Mucklagh bypass closed from 10am Monday to 1pm Friday.

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