Parish signs from the 2013 All Ireland

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This time 3 years ago the entire parishes of Kilcormac and Killoughey were gripped in All Ireland fever. After winning their first county final, the club had soared to new heights and won the Leinster also at their first attempt. They now had a shot at the holy grail, an All Ireland final.


One of the most staggering things to happen in the weeks leading up to St Patrick’s Day was the massive amount of support Danny and the lads were getting from around the towns and the county. In an effort to capture this we travelled around and snapped some of the signs. From painted windows to painted cows, all types of signs were put up. On the 1st of March, tickets went on sale for Croke park in St Josephs Community centre and although a large around was expected, the queue trailed from inside the hall, out the main door, around the centre and out the main gate. All of these moments are captured in over 100 photos, shown below.


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