MOJO Programme; “Creating Male Space”

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MOJO is an evidence based mental health and wellbeing  programme for men, 18  years or older who are motivated to make changes in their lives. MOJO is an inter-agency programme funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP), and supported by local agencies to provide a coordinated response to men who are in ‘distress’ or those who are  affected by employment related issues for a variety of reasons including: a lack of availability of jobs in their related fields, poor physical or mental health and providing care to a family member.

The free 12 week training programme is offered 2 consecutive days per week from 10am-2pm and  combines a mix of mental health, adult guidance, physical fitness and provides a social space that affords men the opportunity to explore the following: how to be and stay well, barriers to achieving their goals and how to plan for their future.

The intention is that men create a more positive future for themselves and their families. Through the programme, participants are supported to reflect on past experiences and explore current options in order to develop a plan that supports them to have their ‘Mojo’ intact.

If you would like more information log on to or call/text Caroline on 087-6028801