revshawThe Books of Rev Shaw

In the year 1958 V. Rev. Andrew Shaw, Administrator Mullingar, became parish priest of Kilcormac and Killoughey. He was a keen historian, and he delighted in visiting the old people of the parish and hearing stories of life here in bygone days. He researched the details of our local history and proceeded to record the great legends and events. First he dealt with the ancient town of Ballyboy; next he turned his attention to Kilcormac, and finally he wrote a book on Killoughey.

Extract from introduction by Donncadh O’Cuineain, from the combined works of Rev Shaw. have digitised two of his books so far.


Church of the Nativity of B.V.M Kilcormac

This book concentrates on the Church in Kilcormac and its unique features. The version copied here is the Centenary Souvenir from 1967. It is contained in the combined copy below.

The book can be downloaded here, Rev Shaw Church of BVM. (8.3MB)



The History of Ballyboy, Kilcormac, Killoughy

Kilcormac Historical Society published a book combining his works of history covering Ballyboy, Kilcormac and Killoughey.

This book can be downloaded here, Rev Shaw History 2.pdf (35.4MB)



Please note that the copies are created from old books so the quality can vary from page to page. We have also performed OCR on each book so the majority of the text, where possible and correct, can be copied out of the documents. These books are re-produced with the permission of Kilcormac Historical Society.