Community Garden – Poly Tunnel

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Our community garden now houses our poly tunnel and the flowers for the summer season are being nurtured. In order to make this project self-financing and in the future yield some income to do some other work around the town we will be selling our baskets and window boxes towards the end of May/early June.

If you are interested in booking a basket please contact Sylvia or Anita in St. Joseph’s Community Centre where we can answer any questions you have. We can also fill your own baskets if you wish so contact us and we’ll get you ready for the summer.

We would like to encourage any of the businesses particularly to hang baskets this year again, many of them already do so every year but we will also have some bigger baskets suitable for shop fronts and we would be delighted if you could support us by purchasing yours from us this year. Again any queries please call the KDA office 0579135445.